Qualcomm and eInfochips present

On-Demand Webinar on Trends and Technologies to Enable
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for Enterprises

Webinar Overview

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are gaining traction in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and agriculture. Companies are increasingly using AMRs to automate repetitive and physically demanding tasks. Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) helps AMRs become more intelligent, adaptive and safer They can learn from their experiences and make decisions based on the data they collected and new use cases can be added overtime. However, there are many factors that need to be considered when developing AMRs and vary widely for different end applications.

eInfochips has built a Robotics Center of Excellence with a team of experts on relevant platforms and technologies. Join this webinar to learn about how this team has enabled multiple AMR proof-of-concepts as well as solutions for end clients and applications.

Webinar Highlights

Leveraging this experience, eInfochips along with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. will cover the following points in the webinar:

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Kishore Chakravadhanula

Product Manager,
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc

Kishore joined Qualcomm Technologies in 2019 and is the lead for the robotics, drones and intelligent machines team in the IoT business unit, focused on strategy and commercialization. Prior to this role, Kishore spent his career at Texas Instruments, MaxLinear, and Ingenu serving in various engineering and leadership roles for execution, business development, product management and new product development.

Kishore holds an MBA from UCLA, M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Washington State University, and B.Tech from College of Engineering, Trivandrum.

Harsh Vardhan Singh

Senior Solutions Engineer,

eInfochips - An Arrow Company

Harsh Vardhan Singh holds an M.S. in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology with Machine Learning as the specialization. He is a Solutions Engineer with several years of industrial experience in varied aspects of robotics. Some of the projects on which Harsh has worked on are Autonomous Forklifts for Pallet Picking, Fleet Management for Multi-Robot-Systems, Bin Picking, Automated Palletization and Online Bin Packing. These projects involved the application of ROS/ROS 2, Computer Vision, DL/ML/RL, Sensor Fusion & Cloud Technology.

Who will benefit from the webinar?

Engineering leaders / CTO/ Product Managers looking to leverage Intelligent Test Automation

Solution and technology architects developing smart solutions

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